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Fertilizer Calculator

SMART Fertilizer Software is an advanced fertilizer calculator that eliminates guess work from growing, by using unique algorithms that calculate precise fertilizer recommendations for any crop.

Most growers do not achieve accurate fertilization, because of the tremendous challenge of grasping and incorporating the multitude of variables and multi-disciplinary knowledge involved in the process.

Therefore, most growers rely on estimation, past experience and trial-and-error. As a result, huge amounts of fertilizers are wasted each year.

The SMART Fertilizer Software calculator enables growers to gain full control over their Fertilizer Software process. The unique algorithm calculates the exact fertilizer rates required, based on field conditions, crop nutrient requirements and hudreds of dynamic parameters.


  •   Minimizes Fertilizer Costs
  •   Increases Crop Yield
  •   Advanced calculations made easy
  •   Prevents soil pollution and soil salinity


  •   Calculates ideal fertlizer programs within minutes
  •   Balances all plant nutrients and fertilizer mixes
  •   Calculates fertilizer blends
  •   Interprets soil , water and plant tissue analysis
  •   Designs fertilizer stock solutions for fertigation
  •   Designs nutrient solutions for hydroponics
  •   Converts measurement units (ionic forms, concentrations, rates and amounts).
  •   Generates personalized reports

Calculation results of fertilizer rates are available in various units, such as lbs/acre, kg/ha, g/m3, mmo/l and more.

How Does SMART Fertilizer Work?

  • Recommends the ideal fertilizer mixture/ blends
  • Saves up to 50% on fertilizer costs
  • Comprehensive data on hundreds of crop varieties
  • Interprets test results for any extraction method
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