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Goodman Jezile – PhD, (the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) – About Using I-PlantNutrition software)

Goodman Jezile – PhD, (the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) – Institute of Soil, Climate & water)
Hello Mr. Goodman! Please, tell us about yourself?

I am a soil scientist, who is based in Pretoria (South Africa). I work for the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) – Institute of Soil, Climate & water. I do fertilizer recommendations for farmers and other clients, spanning a wide range of vegetables, field crops, fodder and fruit trees.

Sounds great! What do you like about the software?

What I like about the software is that it makes the task of interpreting soil test results and subsequently doing fertilizer recommendations fast and efficient, in terms of time and effort. It’s a powerful tool that integrates a lot of information and helps me make informed decisions about how to amend a particular soil and it’s easy to use or user friendly.

Why did you buy the software in the first place and how did you find out about it?

Some years back, our soil testing laboratory used to outsource the task of making fertilizer recommendations, because it was an arduous exercise. So, one day I decided to do an internet search to find out, if there was by any chance, a software that was available, which could fast track the process. Behold to my surprise, the search lead me straight to the Smart Fertilizer home page/website. Then I said to myself: ‘well, well, well…. what do we have here’. I signed up for the 14-day free trial option. However, after using the software for 2 days, I could tell that it was the kind of platform our laboratory needed so that the task of making fertilizer recommendations could be done in house.

We are happy to be such a good fit for your needs! So, for how long you are using Smart Fertilizer Software?

5 years, once I subscribed onto this platform, I have never look back and do not intend to.

Thanks for that! Would you recommend Smart Fertilizer to a friend?

I would do it at the drop of a hat, in fact, I talk about the software every time I get an opportunity to make a presentation to soil science students.

Despite some time to adapt, do you feel better with the latest upgrade?

When I was notified about the new software, I took it lightly, thinking it’s just another upgrade. Moreover, after using it for the first time, I was a bit unfamiliar with how things work although it was user friendly. Then after a few days, something clicked, and right there I saw the logic…that actually this isn’t just an upgrade, but a product where the design, engineering, and software development team have seriously thought and worked on very, very hard, and smart. Hence, the smart software I was used to, has gotten even smarter, more efficient, a lot faster and more appealing to the eye.

What experiences in regards to using the software would you change? Any possible improvements?

Hopefully, in the future, it would be possible to work on the software off-line, so that those laboratories that intend to embark on mobile soil testing especially to reach remote rural areas, will be able to still have access despite poor internet coverage. I wish the software can also make gypsum recommendations, for soils with very high sodium content.

Thanks a lot, we will definitely consider your recommendations! What kind of crops are you growing? In soil? Organic agriculture? Hydroponic?

I cannot list them one by one except to say it’s a wide range of vegetables, field crops, fodder and fruit trees.

In your organization are you the only one using the software?

I am the main person who is using the software on a regular basis, but my colleagues know about the software and regard it in high esteem. Whenever I demonstrate how the software works to someone else, I always get the following remarks: ‘Impressive!’ or ‘This software is really smart!’ or ‘I have never enjoyed a talk in soil science like this one…’.

Thank you, Goodman! So, how Smart Fertilizer helped you with your specific needs?

At the click of a button, we have access to fertilizer recommendations for a wide range of vegetables, field crops, fodder, and fruit trees. The capability to make hundreds of fertilizer recommendation reports within a short period of time. That reduces the turn over time and allows our lab to send out/back to our clients’ soil test reports in just a few days’ time. At the click of a button, I can integrate soil and crop information and still produce precise fertilizer recommendations.

And which feature do you like the most? Tests, base dressing, hydroponic, adding custom fertilizers, etc.?

I like the soil test interpretation, the wide range of crops on offer, lime recommendations as well as the final reports!

That sounds great! We are very happy to be able to provide such an exceptional service for your company! Thank you very much for your time. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with your company going forward!

  • Recommends the ideal fertilizer mixture/ blends
  • Saves up to 50% on fertilizer costs
  • Comprehensive data on hundreds of crop varieties
  • Interprets test results for any extraction method
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